Effective from February 2018

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

At a Glance

Five Good Friends is committed to the prevention of any form of discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation in the workplace. Five Good Friends considers these unacceptable forms of behaviour and it will not tolerate such behaviour under any circumstances. Five Good Friends can be held vicariously liable for breaches of this policy committed by a worker (employee, volunteer, independent contractor or subcontractor).

All workers have a right to be treated equitably and without harassment occurring in the workplace. All workers have the responsibility to respect the rights of fellow Workers by not taking part in any action that may constitute harassment and by supporting and promoting the achievement of equal opportunity.


This policy applies to all workers in their relationships with each other, applicants for employment with the Five Good Friends and persons who have dealings with the Five Good Friends.


To provide workers with a clear understanding of the position of Five Good Friends on the recognition and management of equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment.

Definitions and Examples