Effective from 24 October 2023

Workflow Owner: Community Nursing Manager


This workflow is for all Five Good Friends workers (Helpers, Employees, Casuals and Third Party Partners). This workflow aims to:

Key Information

Infections can present in any environment and FGF Members may be more vulnerable to infection for a number of reasons. Individuals with weakened immune systems, such as those with chronic disease and older people are especially vulnerable to contracting and suffering harm from infectious disease. Age-related changes in the immune system may also contribute to an increased risk of infections in the elderly.



  1. Each worker has a responsibility to take infection control precautions necessary to their role. This includes ensuring they do their job safely without exposing themselves, Members or others to a risk of infection.
  2. Each worker has a responsibility to document all Member infectious diseases on the relevant record and follow recommended precautions set out in this workflow or as advised by a treating health professional.