Effective from August 2021

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

At a glance

This policy outlines the information handling practices of Five Good Friends.


This policy applies to Members, Stakeholders, Helpers, Employees, Contractors, Third Party Providers and Directors.


The objective of this policy is to provide individuals a more complete understanding of the sort of information that Five Good Friends collects, holds and the way we handle that information.


Policy Statement

Five Good Friends recognise the privilege you give us when you entrust us with your personal information.  We are committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. We use all reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of your personal information and to comply with the obligations imposed by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Australian Privacy Principles, state privacy legislation, the Aged Care Quality Standards, and the NDIS Practice Standards.

The type of information collected relates to the type of relationship you have with Five Good Friends (Member, Helper, Authorised Representative, Employee, Contractor, Third Party Provider) and the primary purpose for which this information is required (provision of services, help in the home, technology, or engagement of other services).

When we collect, use, or disclose your personal information we will seek your consent, such as signing up to become a Member, registering to become a Helper, or using our websites. The only times we may use or disclose your personal information without your consent is in an emergency, or when we are required to by law. If this happens, we will notify you unless we are prevented from doing so. We will never sell your personal information and when we send you marketing communications, we will include details of how to opt-out.

All our employees and Helpers are bound by a Code of Conduct to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information. We follow best practices to secure your personal information such as requiring our employees to use a password manager along with a second factor of authentication. We use best practices to store your personal information such as encrypting your data when it is transmitted and encrypting your data when it is stored at rest. We log access to our systems so we can verify that no unauthorised access has taken place. We store your personal information in controlled facilities located in Australia and the United States of America.