Effective from February 2018

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

At a Glance

It is understood that all new employees must undergo a minimum Probationary / Qualifying Period of six months (6) upon commencing employment with the company.

Prior to the completion of the Probationary Period, the new employee must have a Probationary Appraisal with their direct supervisor. This is necessary to provide constructive feedback on the employee’s performance, discuss problems and concerns, maintain a record of agreement and outcomes, and lastly, identify and ensure action to address any development and/or training needs. If the employee passes the Probation, goals may also be set for the coming year.


All employees within Five Good Friends. It is the responsibility of all Senior Executives, General Managers, Human Resources, and Senior Managers to maintain this policy.


To ensure all new employees receive performance feedback and guidance within their probationary period of employment.


Policy Statement