Effective from August 2017

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

At a Glance

Five Good Friends will not tolerate sexual harassment or victimisation. We are committed to taking all reasonable steps to prevent employees, volunteers, independent contractors and subcontractors (collectively, workers) from committing acts of sexual harassment or victimisation in connection with his or her employment, contract or duties. In this regard, adoption and implementation of this policy is an important preventative step.


Acts of sexual harassment or victimisation occurring after work or away from the workplace may still have a relevant connection with a worker’s employment or duties. This policy applies to any conduct occurring after office hours or away from the workplace, including at social activities, where there is a possible connection with the organisation.

This policy is separate from employment contracts. Our compliance with this policy does not affect contractual obligations owed by the Company to its workers. Workers who do not comply with it will face disciplinary action, which may include dismissal.


This policy explains what sexual harassment or victimisation is, what you can do to prevent it from occurring, and what you can do to address sexual harassment or victimisation that has occurred.