Effective from August 2017

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

Scope of Policy

If employees use social networking platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) during work hours, or to publish content regarding the Company, its employees or customers, he or she must comply with this policy, whether within or outside of the workplace or hours of work. This policy equally applies to any personal blogs employees may operate.

General requirements

The Company respects employees’ rights to use social networking sites as a medium for their personal communication and self-expression. However, the Company requires all employees and contractors to ensure that the interests of co-workers and the reputation and business of the Company are protected.

Important points about information you post online

Information employees post online, including on social media platforms such as Facebook, is not like having a verbal conversation with a person or group of people. This equally applies to LinkedIn and any posts employees make regarding their work.

‘Conversations’ or posts online are in electronic form and have potentially wider circulation than a personal discussion. The nature of social media platforms means that comments might easily be forwarded on to others, widening the audience for their publication. Even if employees limit the privacy settings on their social media platform to ‘friends’ or ‘contacts’, those ‘friends’ or ‘contacts’ might include employees, clients or contractors of the Company.

Further, social media platforms leave an often-permanent written record of statements and comments made by people. These can be read at any time in the future until they are taken down and, because of the nature of the Internet, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to remove information.

Employees should therefore exercise considerable care in using social networking sites and be aware that making comments or conducting conversations that relate to employees, clients or contractors of the Company can affect the reputation and business of the Company.

Information that you are prohibited from posting on a website or other social network

Unless the Company provides prior written permission, the Company does not allow employees to post the following information on any social media platform.