Effective from June 2018

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

At a Glance

It is understood that from time to time employees may be required to work longer hours to accommodate a pressing work issue, attend meetings or represent the company outside of their usual working hours. In many cases this may be an ordinary part of the role.

Time in Lieu hours may be offered to employees who are required to work hours significantly beyond their normal contractually agreed weekly hours.

Time in Lieu is not a right or matter of course. It is a discretionary benefit, and related to extraordinary circumstances.

Certain roles (such as Community Lead) may involve employees working a regular weekend shift by mutual agreement, or adhoc shifts outside of their ordinary working hours, in order to provide emergency cover and services to Members.

This policy and procedure outlines the steps for accruing Time in Lieu hours, and details how Time in Lieu hours should be redeemed by salaried employees.


To ensure clear guidelines for those employees who participate in the accrual and redemption of Time in Lieu (TIL).


All salaried (non-award/EBA) employees within Five Good Friends, unless it is clearly spelt out in an employee’s contract of appointment that TIL hours do not apply.



It is the responsibility of all Senior Executives, General Managers, Human Resources, and Senior Managers to maintain this policy.