<aside> 👉 2020-09-09 We are humbled by your interest in this job, but applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. We are deeply grateful for your consideration. We will now begin screening and reach out soon. If you'd like to be looped in to new jobs at Five Good Friends then Watch our GitHub repo: https://github.com/fivegoodfriends/jobs


Hi there, we're Five Good Friends and we're an approved aged care and registered NDIS service provider. We help our clients live vibrantly in their own homes by wrapping a care team around them and their families. Our software gently coordinates in the background so care teams can do their best work and our clients get exceptional outcomes.

Good people using friendly software is how we do care differently and the reason why we're invited back into the homes of our clients over 15,000 times a month. We began four years ago in QLD and today we provide services in NSW, VIC, and SA too.

We're looking for two Ruby on Rails Engineers to join our Software Team. You'd be joining a team of 15 friendly people who work remotely within Australia. We're aiming for a flexible start in October/November.

About the job

You'll be working as a Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer on our platform known as Lookout. Lookout is a Ruby on Rails app made up of several smaller apps we call mounts. We structure our work around projects and focus on one project at a time. You'll partner with another engineer and a designer to take a project from pitch through to production. The work is a blend of programming and collaboration giving you the control to balance delivery and trade-offs.

Our projects are paced into long, eight week cycles. We spend the first six weeks designing and building. We spend the last two weeks tidying up and doing maintenance. Our pitches describe the outcome, not the how, so we lean on your empathy and prowess to help us there.

You'll shape pieces of architecture on the backend with Ruby and you'll craft delightful interactions on the frontend with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's a broad spectrum so we don't expect you to be deep at both ends. Instead, you'll be complimented by a team that's inclusive, kind, and flexible to help you learn and grow.

The web is at the heart of what we do. Yes, you can access our app through a browser, but we take this philosophy through to our native iOS and Android apps too. They feel native, but they're a hybrid app built on top of the Turbolinks native adapters. The union of native apps on top of a shared, web view is how our team has punched above its weight without overtime.

Our platform is broad and can be thought of as a suite of friendly, integrated tools for care teams, clients, and families. To try and give you a better idea of the platform and the work we do here are some recent examples:

We run our database on PostgreSQL and we run our background queue on Redis. We instrument with Datadog and we host with Heroku. We automate our build pipeline through Buildkite and we do multiple deploys a day with zero downtime.

About you

Shipping high-quality software lights your fire. You're a generalist at heart and you take pragmatic steps to move a project forward. You keep sight of the bigger picture, always working toward it and helping others see it too. You're a great writer and you like writing. Writing is the main way you think and share.