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Effective from August 2023

Document Owner - Quality Outcomes Manager


Key Information

  1. Any Five Good Friends (FGF) worker can submit feedback on behalf of another person using our feedback management system.
  2. We should always seek to resolve an issue quickly at the point of service where we can.
  3. Complaints should ideally be resolved within 10 working days.
  4. Individuals who make a complaint must be kept up-to-date with the progress of their matter and actively involved in resolution.
  5. Feedback is an opportunity to identify opportunities for improvement.
  6. We must always take an unbiased and transparent approach to managing complaints and feedback.
  7. Access to the feedback management system is limited to the Head of Care Management and Quality, Quality Outcomes Manager, Quality Outcomes Coordinator, and Care Team leaders. Other FGF employees will be a part of the investigation and resolution as required to achieve the best outcome for those who have taken the time to provide feedback.
  8. The Quality Outcomes Manager oversees the effectiveness of the feedback management system and provides reports to the business to ensure continuous improvement.
  9. Expected behaviour - all FGF workers are expected to effectively manage Member and stakeholder feedback.  An effective feedback handler: