Effective from October 2023

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer

At a Glance

Five Good Friends and The Lookout Way expect that our employees will always perform to the standard required to fulfil the requirements of their role and the needs of our Members and customers. This policy and associated workflow will detail what processes need to be followed in the event of unsatisfactory workplace performance.

Unsatisfactory performance (also referred to as underperformance or poor performance) occurs when an employee does not meet expectations regarding the standard of output, displays unsatisfactory workplace behaviour or conduct, including misconduct and serious misconduct.


This policy applies to all employees of Five Good Friends (FGF) and The Lookout Way (TLW), excluding casual and employees whose employment is still within the probationary period (please refer to the Probationary Review Policy).


Underperformance, including unsatisfactory behaviour and serious misconduct can damage the effective and harmonious operation of FGF and TLW. Our intention is that through this policy and the supporting workflow, it is clear that we comply with principles of fairness, justice and with prevailing legislation, and that we always have a focus on restorative behaviour rather than punishment.



The guiding principles of this policy are: