Effective from October 2022

Workflow Owner: Community Nursing Manager


To provide Five Good Friends workers (employees, Helpers, and contractors) with a clear approach to mealtime support services and enable the provision of high-quality and safe mealtime support and safe swallowing to our Members.

Key Information




  1. During the sign up meeting, Members who will receive mealtime and safe swallowing support as a service delivered by FGF will be assessed using the COAST and the Mini Nutritional Assessment (as required).
  2. If a swallowing risk is identified, the Member will be referred to their GP or an allied health professional such as a speech pathologist to assess their swallowing risk and develop a mealtime management plan. If the Member has a mealtime management plan in place, this plan will be requested for incorporation into the Help Plan.
  3. Members, regardless of whether they receive mealtime support or not, will have the Meals and Nutrition template in the Help Plan completed.
  4. The Workforce Coordinator will be notified that mealtime and safe swallowing support will be provided as a service through the Matching Preferences in the Member’s profile in Lookout so it can be added to the applicable visits in the Member’s Roster.