Effective from July 2023

Workflow Owner: Head of Aged Care and Quality


Five Good Friends is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of workers and Members whilst working together. We recognise this is not always easy and at times can be very challenging. This workflow provides workers with guidance to consider when working with challenging behaviours that may arise during service provision. This includes appropriate intervention and management strategies to deal with aggression or violence in the course of their duties.

Key Information

When interacting with Members or their loved ones, it’s essential for workers to remain aware of their surroundings with the safety of themselves and colleagues foremost in their mind. It is important during interactions that workers consider the following principles:

  1. Remain alert for signs which may lead to potentially challenging behaviours.
  2. Identify potentially concerning behaviours and adopt approaches aimed at reducing their likelihood.
  3. Identify ways to defuse and/or avoid the potential for challenging behaviours.
  4. Be aware of how your behaviour can either escalate or defuse a situation, including how to control anger and fear, and to stay in control.
  5. Remain conscious of personal safety to avoid or reduce the likelihood of injury.
  6. Identify opportunities to exit or end the interaction respectfully if you feel unsafe.



It is important when working with people that workers do their best to: